Your message should always be clear, which is why we offer only the best microphones. Our inventory of microphones is vast and varied, including wired, wireless, podium and exotic microphones. Additionally, we offer the latest digital systems with built-in RF scanners so you will always be without interference. Because we want your message to be heard crystal clear.

Audio Consoles

With a wide inventory of digital consoles, we can work with your event and monetary restrictions. We can help you sound the best no matter the budget, with consoles from Mackie, Behringer, and Midas. 

Speaker Systems

When it comes to audio, we don’t mess around. To provide you with the clearest sound possible we have a variety of options depending on your event and your budget. For smaller events, we have speaker systems that are both portable and discreet, while still giving you precise sound. For larger events, like concerts or festivals, we provide line arrays that can be grounded or hung to maximize sound placement.

DJ Gear

We offer the latest industry standard DJ equipment. From the turntable to the laptop stand, we have everything you’d need to run a successful set. All you have to do is press “Play”.

Radio Communication

Whether you’re interacting with your production crew or running a music festival with multiple stages, staying connected is essential. We offer several radio options to keep everyone linked up, including systems from ClearCom solutions and Motorola. Go with us, and your cues will always be on time. 

Looking to purchase instead of rent?

We are dealers for several manufactures and can offer competitive bids if you are looking to purchase.

Midas, Behringer, dbTechnologies, RCF, Shure, Ultimate, QSC, TurboSound, and many others.