Design & Fabrication

Maryland Productions Team

Event Design: If you are looking to use Maryland Productions as a full service event production and event planning resource please visit our Event Coordination & Management under the pro services.

3D Concepts & Renderings 

When it comes to building anything that is large scale its best to do so in a way that you can also show your team, client and even guests. Maryland Productions takes our clients vision and drafts it on a digital canvas that is able to be fully customized to reach a final product. These 3D drawings, layouts and renderings are what allows us as a company to save resources and time while also giving a complete example to our client that is to scale of what we are offering as a production company. Our 3D Renderings can also help other vendors and can also be incorporated into audio, video and lighting plots to generate a real life experience before the event or production even starts.

Video Integration & Content

What is the Market for video?

In 2014, a one minute video is equivalent to over 1.8 Million words. That equals over 3,600 typical web pages. When Maryland Productions creates a video we make it so our clients are able to reach clients they wouldn’t normally be able to target. We can take a standard event and stream it live to audiences all over the world with less then a 30 second delay. There are no more excuses when it comes to creating video content for users online or for events. We have a expert video team that can output video resolution up to 4K. This goes with all our systems including live events, which is why we are leading the industry to a unified UHD experience.

Marketing Campaigns 

Website Integration, Email Marketing, Texting if you are looking for tapping into a new network for your brand, come test drive some of our new methods of reaching new clients. From Laser Advertisements, Interactive HD Displays, Interactive Texting & Mobile Websites we have a system that can help engage your followers.

Customized Fabrication 

Let us build it, that is right. If you have a concept or design, we can take that and find a way to use the latest technology to work with you in creating a final product that is everything you dreamed it could be.

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