Event Systems


We build and fit custom wireless/WiFi solutions according to your requirements and/or infrastructure. We have deployed wireless solutions in temporary work sites, boats, conferences, corporate events, and music festivals. Anywhere you host, we install.


Data infrastructure is the key to successfully hosting large and complex events. Whatever network you may need, we have the flexibility and technical acumen to make sure your communications are flawless. Contact us to find out how our team can streamline your infrastructure needs.


To increase functionality and productivity, we offer communication packages to help coordinate your event. Hardwired or wireless, our staff has the capability to communicate no matter their on-site location.

Radio Communications

The ability to communicate instantly with members of your staff and team remains one of the key components to any successful event, no matter the size. Whether to provide crowd-control for sporting events, increased communication, or quick and timely response to emergencies, additional radios are invaluable to a successful process.

Production Network and Security

The careful setup of any production network ensures that installation times and cabling requirements are reduced, while functionality and resilience are increased.

Event data and network security must be held to the highest of standards. Let us help you to secure your valuable information and resources from unauthorized personnel.


Our CCTV system provides us with the flexibility for fixed or dome-mount cameras that integrate video analytics, to detect suspicious activity and provide traffic counting facilities at entry and exit points.