Interactive Booths / Photo Booths

Interactive Booths

Social Photo Booth

A Photo Booth is a private magical box providing a fun way for your guests to take home and share the memory of your special occasion. Our booths take a series of four separate pictures, either in color or black and white.Our Photo booth printers are fast and automatically print pictures in less than 8 seconds. Your guests can go in the open booth concept as individuals or they can get that photograph with friends and family that they have been meaning to get for years.

GIF Experience

This GIF experience works off our existing photobooth but allows for guests to create short “GIF” moments. This can be added on to one of our existing photo booth solution. 

Party in Slow Motion Booth

Is a energetic and interactive video booth that takes videos then plays it back for all the guests at super slow speeds. Each booth comes with an assortment of fun party materials that can customized per the event style. At the end of the event, videos are able to be uploaded to social networks or downloaded.

Virtual Reality Interactive (VRI)

Created by our very talented designers VRI is a unique brand-able virtual environment that can offer a unique and fun time in any size space. Featuring custom games, and tasks users are able to compete against each other or share their experience with the outside world. Gamers are also able to save created material to be shared.

X -Project (Ultimate Gamer Experience)

Everyone loves a good video game, especially 360 degrees of video game entertainment. Which is why the X-Project was created. Featuring 4 Sides of gaming stations that can be linked together or played individually this system is ready to take on everyone at the party. Each experience can be customized with selected games and consoles to give gamers a new way to be entertained.