Lighting Design


LED Uplighting

Uplighting is the quickest and most affordable way to transform any space. Over the last few years, uplighting has become the popular go-to option for changing the atmosphere of a room. However, not all uplighting systems are the same. We use only the highest quality uplights that will perform and last throughout the entirety of your event! 

LED Pin Spots

Trying to light up the centerpieces for your gala, or maybe even highlight your wedding cake? We’ve got the solution! Warm LED Pin Spot lights offer a simple but classy way to add emphasis to the smaller details of your event. All our pin spots feature magnetic connections and battery power that lasts up to 12 hours, making the whole lighting process easy and user-friendly! 

Monogram/ Gobo

Having your brand, company, charity or event name visible can be a huge aspect of your event. We can create anything from a simple static monogram with a single color image or an animated full-colored projection. We can also help you with designing a special image if you don’t already have one. Having your company logo or event name projected onto a wall, backdrop, ceiling or floor has never been easier!

Conventional Lighting

The quality of lighting in a space can make or break an event. We supply a large number of traditional lighting solutions to keep your function bright, dim or anywhere in between!

Automated Lighting

You deserve hassle-free lighting, and we can provide it. With lighting fixtures and equipment from Chauvet, Robe, GLP, and more, we will find a solution to your lighting needs. 

Cafe / String Lighting

Give your guests a starry night to add to the magic of your event. With on-trend cafe lighting, you are able to cover a large area with subtle warm light.

Lighting Consoles

Our lighting control inventory is comprehensive and includes products manufactured by MA Lighting, Martin Professional, High End Systems, Enttec and Color Kinetics.

Special Effects

Our superior service isn’t the only thing that sets us apart from the competition. We are always on the cutting edge of what is new and happening in event production, and special effects have become one of our greatest passions. Our special effects will set your event apart and make it a truly unforgettable experience.

Special FX areas we dabble in include:

Confetti Cannons
Co2 Jets
Low-Lying Fog
Mirror Balls
Strobe Lights
LED Blacklights
AirStar Custom Shapes

Lighting can be one of the best ways to transform a performance, occasion or architecture. With the right lighting designers at your disposal, an ordinary space can suddenly be altered to evoke an appropriate mood. With the latest light fixtures, we are able to control light output, placement and offer millions of custom color choices. 

Maryland Productions offers lighting solutions that can be used for “day of” rentals, full concert shows or installations. We even offer our clients customizable solutions such as animated gobos, laser shows, and 3d visualizations of pre-programmed work.  


Wireless LED Uplighting

An uplight is an ambient light that is placed around the perimeter of your event space. The light is generally aimed at the wall and toward the ceiling to create a warm glow over the event space. This simple lighting process provides the perfect combination of elegance and sophistication. We offer battery powered lighting fixtures that also have built-in wireless controls. Additionally, each uplight can be fully customized to your preferred color selection.


Pin-spotting is a lighting technique used to bring attention and illumination to various areas of an event. This helps showcase floral centerpieces, creates visible walkways for evening events, illuminates runways, and more. Another simple yet essential lighting tool that can be utilized for indoor or outdoor events.


Dance floors are brought to life with intelligent lighting. This favored technique corresponds light to every second of the music and is controlled by a technician. It visually reinvents a room when synchronized with programmable up-lights to change color and create special effects.