Audio Equipment Rentals:


Your message should always be heard. That’s why we only offer the best in microphones. From wired to wireless solutions, along with podiums and exotic mics, we will find the perfect microphone for your event. We offer the latest digital antenna systems so you will always have a clear connection.

Audio Consoles

We can help you sound the best no matter the budget! We have a large inventory of audio consoles from a variety of manufacturers, including Mackie, Behringer, and Midas. 

Speaker Systems

When it comes to audio, we don’t mess around. To provide you with the clearest sound possible we have a variety of options depending on your event and your budget. For smaller events, we have speaker systems that are both portable and discreet, while still giving you precise sound. For larger events, like concerts or festivals, we provide line arrays that can be grounded or hung to maximize sound placement.

DJ Gear

We offer the latest industry standard DJ equipment. From the turntable to the laptop stand, we have everything you’d need to run a successful set. All you have to do is press “Play”.

Radio Communication

Whether you’re interacting with your production crew or running a music festival with multiple stages, staying connected is essential. We offer several radio options to keep everyone linked up, including systems from ClearCom solutions and Motorola. Go with us, and your cues will always be on time. 

Lighting Rentals:

LED Uplighting

Uplighting is the quickest and most affordable way to transform any space. Over the last few years, uplighting has become the popular go-to option for changing the atmosphere of a room. However, not all uplighting systems are the same. We use only the highest quality uplights that will perform and last throughout the entirety of your event! 

LED Pin Spots

Trying to light up the centerpieces for your gala, or maybe even highlight your wedding cake? We’ve got the solution! Warm LED Pin Spot lights offer a simple but classy way to add emphasis to the smaller details of your event. All our pin spots feature magnetic connections and battery power that lasts up to 12 hours, making the whole lighting process easy and user friendly! 

Monogram/ Gobo

Having your brand, company, charity or event name visible can be a huge aspect of your event. We can create anything from a simple static monogram with a single color image or an animated full-colored projection. We can also help you with designing a special image if you don’t already have one. Having your company logo or event name projected onto a wall, backdrop, ceiling or floor has never been easier!

Conventional Lighting

The quality of lighting in a space can make or break an event. We supply a large number of traditional lighting solutions to keep your function bright, dim or anywhere in between!

Automated Lighting

You deserve hassle-free lighting, and we can provide it. With lighting fixtures and equipment from Chauvet, Robe, GLP, and more, we will find a solution to your lighting needs. 

Cafe / String Lighting

Give your guests a starry night to add to the magic of your event. With on-trend cafe lighting, you are able to cover a large area with subtle warm light.

Lighting Consoles

Our lighting control inventory is inclusive and includes products manufactured by:

MA Lighting
Martin Professional
High End Systems
Color Kinetics

Special Effects

Our superior service isn’t the only thing that sets us apart from the competition. We are always on the cutting edge of what is new and happening in event production, and special effects have become one of our greatest passions. Our special effects will set your event apart and make it a truly unforgettable experience for your guests. 

Special FX areas we dabble in include:

Confetti Cannons
Co2 Jets
Low-Lying Fog
Mirror Balls
Strobe Lights
LED Blacklights
AirStar Custom Shapes

Video Production Equipment Rentals:

LED Screen Rentals

LED screens are the latest and greatest in helping present your visuals to your audience. We offer several resolutions, with both indoor and outdoor capacities, enabling the fulfillment of all your display needs. Each display can be customized in size and can offer several degrees of curves. We are also able to create scenic displays that incorporate each panel for DJ facades, bars, and custom backdrops.

Projector Rentals

It goes without saying, almost every event will need some type of projector. We offer many types of projectors from economical 3200 lumens to cinema quality 32,000 lumens. No matter if you’re producing a corporate event or a large concert we will make sure your content is displayed in the best way possible.

TV Displays

The visual component of A/V has changed dramatically over the years, but that doesn’t mean your event wouldn’t benefit from a TV display. From touch screens to confidence monitors, we stock a large inventory of video displays. Featuring 32″, 48″, 50″, 60″ and 70″ screens, we have the best and most varied selection to choose from.

Livestreaming / IMAG

Nowadays, it’s not enough to have the audience at your event experience your presentation. Let us help you broadcast it to the rest of the world via the internet! We offer fly packs that include preconfigured solutions for Livestream, Ustream, and Youtube. We can also create and host streams on our dedicated CDN. 

Animated Gobos

Tired of looking at the same static gobo/monogram? Same here. We created an easy to use animation toolkit that can animate your existing monogram. We also offer packages to create custom animations and effects if you are looking for that extra WOW factor.

3D Mapping

Have you ever wanted to project an image or video on a surface other than a flat wall or screen? Well, 3D mapping sounds like the technology for you! We offer several hardware and software options to help map your show, wherever you want. 

Media Servers

Do you get nervous before you hit the play button? Do you worry that your content is loaded incorrectly or you might experience an error halfway through? We offer several brands of media servers that can encode your content for perfect playback results. We can even integrate this with existing in-house systems or SMPTE timecode, so you’ll never have to worry again.

Content Creation

We get it, producing an event can be overwhelming. We can help take some of the many responsibilities off your hands; let us help you build your content and presentation. Whether it be a corporate gathering, fundraising gala or birthday party, we will create the visuals or copy to accommodate the rest of your event. 

Decor, Staging & Soft Good Rentals

Pipe & Drape

Need drape? We’ve got it! We have over 100 colors and fabrics to choose from, making an endless amount of combinations. We also offer drape panels in various heights and the latest hardware systems to make it easy for set up and breakdown. Pipe and drape doesn’t have to just blend in either, ask us about customized fabrics! 

Backdrop Rentals

Looking for a quick way to cover the back of your stage? We offer backdrops that can be easily hung, along with blackout fabrics that can completely transform your event space.


We offer 4×4 and 4×8 stage decks that can be used both inside and outdoors. All of our stage decks range in height from 4 inches to 48 inches. We are also able to create camera platforms, tiered risers, choral risers and outdoor roof systems. The options are limitless!

Self Rising Roof System

We are proud to offer a customization roof system that can be used for events of all shapes and sizes. With our ground supported roof system, we can create a stage anywhere. Our roof systems have the load capacities of up to 16,000 pounds so we can give your show the proper rigging depth that an in-house system might not offer or allow. The sky (or roof) is the limit! 

Dance Floors

Show off your best moves in style. From standard white & black dance floors to LED starlight floors, we can make sure your guests have an exciting chance to get down on our modern and trendy floors.

Custom Fabrication

Have an idea of a special item or custom creation you want for your event? Let us know! Our in-house fabrication department is always up to the challenge of making your dreams a reality. 

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