Maryland Productions has access to a countless number of manufacturers, which allows us to select the right type of products to meet our customer’s needs. Our sales team has the knowledge and understanding to determine the correct balance between performance, features and cost that will provide the customer with the optimal return on their equipment investment.

Our design process begins with a thorough assessment of the project needs, focusing specifically on the system functionality needed to meet the customer’s expectations and budgetary requirements.

During the design and engineering phase, we develop the system design- selecting the appropriate equipment for the environmental and functional requirements defined during the assessment. In designing the control system and user interfaces, we provide user-friendly, intuitive and reliable system controls.

Finally, we produce system designs that last and function dependably for years. We create systems that work the first time and every time. Built with ease of use in mind, we create solutions that can grow with your needs.

Our project managers understand the concept, “time is money,” especially in complex construction environments. They have the training and experience to anticipate the fluctuations in schedules and working conditions, and are able to respond to these challenges, all while keeping the delivery on schedule and on-budget!

Our Production Staff provides a professional and efficient installation experience- completing the job on time and delivering a functioning commissioned system. We continuously provide training and development opportunities to our technical staff, ensuring that the most capable and knowledgeable installation personnel are servicing our customers.