Video Wall Rentals

Video Wall Rentals

Whether indoor or outdoor, you can have a pixel-perfect image delivered on our High Definition LED Video Wall. Your image(s) can be custom fit to match any venue or environment to ensure your content will be delivered. Our LED Video Walls are a modular design that can be fit to any shape for your particular function.

Featuring 3.9mm, 5mm, 6mm & 8mm Video Walls

  • Use inside or outside
  • Fully waterproof, use rain or shine
  • Easily configured for 4:3, 16:9 or custom Aspect Ratio
  • High Definition Video
  • 2.9mm to 8mm Available
  • 1,000 – 5,000 NITs (brightness)
  • Video Mapping Capabilities
  • Flexible or Rigid, Custom Curves

LED Video Walls can be created for any size or dimension; we even offer walls that curve! Time constraints are no longer a problem as most of our walls take less than an hour to set up, compared to a timely projection calibration or other video display. We are able to render your existing content to fit perfectly on any display size you choose.

COST: Maryland Productions is ready to provide you access to cutting-edge LED video wall displays at an unbelievable price. When you rent a video wall from Maryland Productions, not only do you receive the latest display hardware, but you also get a team of dedicated video professionals at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Since we are not using out of date projector systems, we are able to cut costs for you while still providing a high-quality resolution.  With each video wall rental, we also include a full broadcast switcher, video scaler, and technician. By doing this, we ensure that you are always getting a professional look.

QUALITY: LED Video walls are measured by pixel pitch, so the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution of the screen. We offer several solutions to fit your budget.

Get a quote right now by phone at 443-384-0040 or email at We will BEAT any local company quotes.


LED Screen Rentals

We offer several resolutions. With both indoor and outdoor capacities we are able to fulfill all your display needs. Each display can be customized in size and can offer several degrees of curves. We are also able to create scenic displays that incorporate each panel for DJ facades, bars and custom backdrops.

Projector Rentals

We offer many types of projectors from 3200 lumens to 32,000 lumens. No matter if your producing a corporate event to a large concert we will make sure your content is displayed in the best way.

TV Displays

From touch screens to confidence monitors we stock a large inventory of video displays. Featuring 32″, 48″, 50″, 60″ and 70″ screens we have the best selection to choose from.

Livestreaming / IMAG

With small handheld encoders to complete video switching racks we can offer solutions to spread your message all over the web. We offer fly packs that include preconfigured solutions for Livestream, Ustream, and Youtube. We can also create and host streams on our dedicated CDN.

Animated Gobos

Tired of looking at the same static gobo/monogram? We did! So we created a easy to use animation tool kit that can animate your existing monogram. We also offer packages to create custom animations and effects if you are looking for that extra WOW.

3D Mapping

We offer several hardware and software options to help map your show. We work with you to build materials and objects that will be used and help design templates that can increase your productivity and workflow.

Media Servers

Do you get nervous before you hit the play button? Is it because you wonder if your content is loaded correctly or will be played error free? We offer several brands of media servers that can encode your content for perfect playback results. We can even integrate this with existing in-house systems or SMPTE timecode.

Content Creation

Let us help you build your content and presentation.