LED Screen Rentals

LED screens are the latest and greatest in helping present your visuals to your audience. We offer several resolutions, with both indoor and outdoor capacities, enabling the fulfillment of all your display needs. Each display can be customized in size and can offer several degrees of curves. We are also able to create scenic displays that incorporate each panel for DJ facades, bars, and custom backdrops.

Projector Rentals

It goes without saying, almost every event will need some type of projector. We offer many types of projectors from economical 3200 lumens to cinema quality 32,000 lumens. No matter if you’re producing a corporate event or a large concert we will make sure your content is displayed in the best way possible.

TV Displays

The visual component of A/V has changed dramatically over the years, but that doesn’t mean your event wouldn’t benefit from a TV display. From touch screens to confidence monitors, we stock a large inventory of video displays. Featuring 32″, 48″, 50″, 60″ and 70″ screens, we have the best and most varied selection to choose from.

Livestreaming / IMAG

Nowadays, it’s not enough to have the audience at your event experience your presentation. Let us help you broadcast it to the rest of the world via the internet! We offer fly packs that include preconfigured solutions for Livestream, Ustream, and Youtube. We can also create and host streams on our dedicated CDN. 

Animated Gobos

Tired of looking at the same static gobo/monogram? Same here. We created an easy to use animation toolkit that can animate your existing monogram. We also offer packages to create custom animations and effects if you are looking for that extra WOW factor.

3D Mapping

Have you ever wanted to project an image or video on a surface other than a flat wall or screen? Well, 3D mapping sounds like the technology for you! We offer several hardware and software options to help map your show, wherever you want. 

Media Servers

Do you get nervous before you hit the play button? Do you worry that your content is loaded incorrectly or you might experience an error halfway through? We offer several brands of media servers that can encode your content for perfect playback results. We can even integrate this with existing in-house systems or SMPTE timecode, so you’ll never have to worry again.

Creative Services

We can design, create and film custom content for your next production. Our team can provide you with the material you need to make your message stand out. We start early and work with you through the planning process to make sure your brand’s vision is thoroughly expressed.



Live Streaming enables participation by people who might be unable to physically attend your event. We can create custom hybrid events for trade shows, conference, unconference, seminar, workshop or other meetings that combine a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” online component. We also offer secure streaming solutions with full encryption to direct streams like Youtube and several other streaming platforms. We even have the ability to build custom streaming pages, that include chats, social plugins, and analytics.


Projection mapping is increasing in popularity and demand every day. Elegant video mapping can completely transform an event by adding a touch of awe and enchantment to an ordinary everyday object. We own some of the best brands for projection mapping including Barco & Christie Projectors. We also house custom media servers for playback and a design team that is capable of creating all custom animations in-house. The possibilities for projection mapping are limitless, and the challenges that arise from project to project are welcomed, and conquered.


We offer several sizes for video screens from 50″, 60″, and 70″ displays. If these displays aren’t big enough we offer video projection screens in various sizes as well.


We offer LED Video walls that offer 100% customizability. We offer several pixel sizes that are matched perfectly to use. From 3.9, 6mm & 8mm panels, each one is able to offer your event the right display. Our 8mm video wall panels are used several times a year on large festivals and mobile stages and are also completely waterproof. Additionally, we have recently upgraded to 6mm indoor/outdoor video wall panels to allow for higher resolutions for custom DJ Facades. We also have 3.9 video wall panels for indoor use for presentations and live IMAG.