Let’s Get Married!

Ceremony Audio:

Professional audio for your ceremony is something that is sometimes overlooked but is very much needed. We mic the minister, groom, and instrumentation/iPod, and tech the ceremony from start to finish. We can guarantee that your guests will hear crisp, clear sound!


You can have everything ready to go at an event, but if there is no lighting to set the mood, it will most likely be under par. Let us help you with that! Whether it’s cafe/string lighting outside on the patio, gobos on the wall, led uplighting along the perimeter, or DJ dance floor lighting, we’ve got you covered.

Pipe & Drape:

No matter what venue you choose, we can transform it to create the perfect unique wedding setting.  Ceiling draping can add a dramatic affect to any banquet room big or small. If you are planning a wedding reception and want to change up the boring look of a plain banquet room consider adding some ceiling draping. With the lights turned low and the chandelier lit in the center the room glows with ambiance. This ceiling drapery will guarantee to draw your eyes up to the ceiling. Room décor can be a game changer in adding drama to the event space.


Show your family and friends the story of the lives of the bride and groom with a slideshow at your rehearsal dinner or reception! Large projection screens or elegant 60″ LED Displays in tight spaces.

DJ Equipment & Rentals

Whether it’s a bride wanting to play her iPod or you’re flying in a DJ, the dance floor has to rock either way. So, let us come set up a speaker system worth getting your grandpa out there strutting his stuff! Mixers / Speakers / Subs / Wireless Mics for Toasts


PRO TIP: When planning your wedding, consider adding ‘ceremony audio’ to your budget. It’s often forgotten about or neglected, citing it’s not necessary. The truth is, it’s very hard to hear during a ceremony. If it’s implemented during initial stages of the budget, you’ll be happy you included it. Plus, we take care of everything!